Our Services

ensuring any shoot in any location

Location Scouting

We have a big database of locations all around the island of Crete. We have scouted every part of the island, from the smallest and isolated beach to the most difficult road on the mountain. Give us your brief and we will find the perfect location for your project.

Permit Arrangements

We live and work in Crete so we have long lasting relations with all local authorities, ensuring quick issuing processes. We can provide you fast permit arrangements for various types of locations. Notice that in Crete most of the public locations are free of charge.

Accommodation & Transportation

Crete is Greece?s top touristic destination, so there are plenty of options from luxury 5-star hotels to low cost rooms. We can suggest and book the best accommodation for your project. We can also provide you with luxury cars, mini vans, trucks, 4X4 pick up or motorhomes.

Scheduling and Budgeting

The correct schedule and budget establishment are the most essential parts of a production. We can advise you on an accurate schedule and we are committed to finish the production within the initial budget.

Equipment Rental

We have a great partnership with many of the equipment rental houses of Greece offering us competitive prices. We can provide you with cameras, lenses, audio and lighting equipment and every kind of accessories you may request.


The traditional cuisine of Crete is famous worldwide. Offering good quality catering is an important part of our service. We believe in healthy eating and a tasty dish in the shooting always boosts everyone?s energy and good vibes.

Local Film Crew & Technicians

If you need just a fixer or a full movie crew, we have the solutions with a vast network of professionals, who permanently live and work in Crete such as; line producers, coordinators, assistant directors, camera operators, sound operators, drone operators, electricians, art directors, make up and hair artists, experienced drivers, productions assistants.

Public Casting & Talent

We offer local casting. Our partners know the most of the talented profiles in person and they can help you find what you are looking for through their internal database.